Welcome to RKE-KÖNIG

Just a few decades ago even a simple telephone connection was considered a luxury. These days, modern telecommunications have brought people closer than they have ever been. This great technology is based on a dense hub-and-spokes system cable infrastructure.
At RKE-KÖNIG we specialize in constructing pertinent cable networks in copper as well as fiberglass technology for all areas of application. In furthering the success of this business unit, we expanded into the disciplines of railway power cabling, tubular line construction and related special works, i.e. horizontal flush drilling, cable and tube plowing, in the early nineties.

Our name stands for experience

The name RKE-KÖNIG actually refers to two autonomous companies engaged in the same business segments: Ruhland, König & Co. Elektro GmbH (RKE) has headquarters in Hohenthann near Landshut (Lower Bavaria), while König Elektro-Fernmeldebau GmbH is located in Brachstedt/Wurp near Halle (Saxony-Anhalt). Both companies can look back on many years of success. Both celebrated anniversaries in 2006: At 30 years of age, RKE is still a young company and KÖNIG a mere teenager at the age of 15. Currently, the Hohenthann workforce totals 70, while the Brachstedt facility has 110 employees on its payroll. Our staff is assigned to projects all over Germany, Europe and Asia – wherever RKE-KÖNIG competency is required.