Laying of pipes and cables (mole-like) by the controlled horizontal drilling method

Especially in case there is a need for (undercrossing) underpassing streets, railways, flood-relief channels (Hochwasserkanäle), waters or the surface is not allowed to be damaged, there is no way for the plug.

With our advanced orizontal drilling machines (devices) having different versions  and performance parameters are we able to lay not only in town but also out of town PE-HD, steel and cast steel pipes with dimeters of up to 600mm and  lengths of up to 600m, rapidly and cost-effective.

Field of application
  • Underpassing waters, streets, rail ways
  • Underpassing banks (scarps) and inclinations
  • Protected landscapes
  • Laying (of pipes and cables) in town including house connection lines

Simplified description of the horizontal drilling method:


The method we apply for drilling is the controlled pipe propulsion, thereby dissolving softly the bottom set beds by using a water jet.

Pilot drilling: A rotative drilling head fixed at the rods (respectively a controllable boring bar with injection nozzles (for high pressure jets) and a transmitter for localizing the position, depth and inclination of the rotative head at each point in time) is drilling a tunnel into the soil. As injection suspension we use a mixture made of  clay (polymeren) and water. The soil will not be displaced but  compressed into the surrounding soil. Thereby we can go around obstacles or follow changes of the drilling line.  This kind of drilling we call pilot drilling.


The Enlargement: The second step contains of successive enlargement of the existing tunnel to a larger diameter than the pipe that is going to be pulled through. Thereby we use drillheads of several sizes, which enlarge the tunnel by liberating injection suspension through the injection nozzles.


The pulling of the pipe: After of by doing the last enlargement the pipe is pulled with a preceded enlargement- and pulling device. The drilling is going to be recorded by a drilling report.