Cable laying with the plough method: cost effective, fast and simple

The days when cable laying involved complex and costly work are a thing of the past. At RKE-KÖNIG we have been using a special technology that is cost effective, fast and simple for 30 years – we lay cables and tubular lines with the assistance of a cable plough. It is used to bury all types of cable – high voltage, fiber glass, PEHD water and gas lines.


We are able to handle laying diameters of up to 280 mm for flexible cables and tubes; for inflexible tubes (e.g. steel tubes) laying diameters of up to 600 mm with individual lengths of approx 300 m are possible. Even the combined laying of multiple tubes and cables in a single work process is completely unproblematic.

over the mountains and under water: the cable plough makes it possible

Flexibility is one of the system’s key characteristics – also when it comes to application options. The cable plough can handle mountains with elevations of 3000 meters, 70 percent inclines and water that are up to 150 cm deep – it lays tubes and lines at depths of up to 225 cm. It also proves to be extremely versatile in terms of soil quality: it can be used in soil categories DIN 2 (swamp soil) to DIN 6 (loose rocks). Depending on the soil conditions, it delivers laying capacities of up to 5000 m.  However, the outstanding environmental friendliness of this special laying technology, which has only a minimal impact on the construction site, is one of its most remarkable characteristics. As a result, it can even cross nature preserves without any problem.